Practical Approach to Shoulder Dysfunction

Practical Approach to Shoulder Dysfunction: Conservative and post-operative interventions with cadaver instruction
6 hours

This course will provide an overview of structural anatomy and surface palpation anatomy.
Basic pathology of common shoulder injuries will be explored as well as provocative testing.
Differential diagnosis and treatment interventions will be covered, and ample time will be
allocated to graded activities, protocols review and cadaver lab. This course is geared to the
clinician who appreciates the hands-on approach to therapy.

• Kendyl Brock Hunter, OTR/L, CHT
• Robert McClellan, OTR/L, CHT

• Increased appreciation and understanding of shoulder anatomy and kinematics
• Identify surface shoulder anatomy through palpation and identify pathology common to
shoulder injuries and its function
• Be able to administer provocative testing specific to shoulder dysfunction
• Develop specific treatment interventions for shoulder injuries including graded activities
• Understand the rationale for various shoulder protocols, precautions and adaptations to

9:00 Registration
9:30 Overview of shoulder anatomy: Structure and function
10:30 Provocative testing to identify shoulder pathologies (instruction and lab)
11:30 Evaluation and treatment…what works
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Cadaver Lab – interactive anatomy review
2:00 Clinical exercises to maximize outcomes…the do’s and don’ts
3:00 Protocols review and new trends in rehabilitation
4:00 Adjourn